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Vigo Airport is located in the municipalities of Mos, Redondela and Vigo, nine kilometres from Vigo's city centre and 28 kilometres from the city of Pontevedra.

In 2014, Aena began the extension and complete remodelling of the terminal building, which will substantially increase the airport's capacity and update it with new safety criteria. Previously, in 2011, the new car park opened. The renovation and modernisation of Vigo Airport includes other investments, such as improvements to the airfield.

Opportunities for the airlines

Opportunities for the airlines

  • The Vigo estuary is the jewel of the city. It is protected by the Cíes Islands, a natural park located 14 kilometres from the coast.
  • Vigo has the largest fishing port in Europe and is home to the European Fisheries Control Agency. It is also one of the leading industrial areas in Galicia, with companies such as PSA Peugeot Citröen and Pescanova.
  • It is known for its gastronomy, sport and adventures. Vigo has over 705,000 m2 of forests where tourists can enjoy cycling, trekking and other sports.

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