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Menorca Airport is situated approximately 4.5 kilometres to the south-west of the island's capital, Mahón. Its facilities provide a premium service, meeting both the island's tourism needs as well as those of its capital city, Mahón, where it is located.

It is primarily a tourist airport with a large number of charter flights, especially during the summer.

Spain and the United Kingdom account for the greatest number of passengers. Nationally, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca and Madrid are the most important destinations.

Opportunities for the airlines

Opportunities for the airlines

  • Menorca was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 2003 and the island has developed its tourism sector under sustainability criteria in line with the environmental respect implied by that declaration.
  • Some outstanding prehistoric remains can be found all over the island, most notably those left by the Talaiotic culture.
  • Shoes, leather goods and small jewellery and costume jewellery industries, as well as arable farming, livestock farming and fishing products of great quality, such as cheeses, cured meats, fish and seafood, mean that the local gastronomy is varied and held in high regard.
  • Of all the Balearic Islands, Menorca has most successfully preserved its own identity and continues to offer places of enormous privacy and intimacy.
  • Numerous inland and coastal walking trails provide magnificent opportunities to engage in sports while surrounded by nature, such as trekking, mountain biking, horse riding, hiking, etc. Various sports events are also organised throughout the year, such as triathlons, raids and MTB events, which attract participants from all over Europe.
  • It is especially famous for its patron saint festivals in the summer, which are heavily focused on horses. The Sant Joan Festival in Ciutadella is perhaps the most famous. Some of the events date back to the Middle Ages and continue to be enjoyed today.
  • The port of Mahón, located on the eastern coast of the island, is one of the largest natural ports in the world at over 6 kilometres and combines tourism, recreational and industrial operations. Numerous cruise ships call in to this port. The island’s inland areas are home to important remains that reveal details of the various cultures that have occupied Menorca over the centuries. The remains corresponding to several periods of British domination are especially significant. Many of them have been restored today and offer visitors a magnificent view of life back then.

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