Legal notice


1. Purpose

Aena SME S.A. creates and updates the site identified under the domain name, so that the information it contains may be of public use.

Access to and browsing this website implies knowledge and unreserved acceptance of all the legal information and conditions for its use.

These general conditions have the purpose of regulating access to, browsing and use of this website, however, notwithstanding these, Aena SME S.A. may establish specific conditions to regulate the use and/or contracting of specific services offered through the website. In the event of any discrepancy between that stipulated in the general conditions and the content of the specific conditions for a particular service, that established in the latter will prevail.

Contact details of Aena SME S.A.:
Address: Peonías, 12. 28042, Madrid.
C.I.F (Tax Id. number): A86212420
Contact telephone: (+34) 91 321 10 00

Aena SME, is registered in the Companies Register of Madrid under Volume 28806, Folio 211, Section 8, page M-518648.

2. Scope of application

This legal notice regulates the use of the Internet portal service which Aena SME S.A. makes available to Internet users.

Aena SME S.A. has independent legal status, separate from that of the central government, full legal capacity and ability to act in fulfilment of its purposes, and has its own assets.

3. Responsibility Waiver

Aena SME S.A. makes every effort to avoid any mistakes in the content that may appear on this website.

Aena SME S.A. guarantees neither the exactness nor the updated status of the information that may be obtained on this website, which may be modified without notice.

Aena SME S.A. assumes no responsibility arising from third-party use of the content of this site.

All the information contained (by way of example, without limitation, those concerning flight times, calls for tender, maps, employment offers, etc.) is of a purely informative nature. The information presented is not necessarily exhaustive, complete, correct nor updated. In the case of bids and legal texts, no guarantees are made that the reproduction is an exact copy of that adopted officially. Only texts published in the printed versions of the corresponding official bulletins or in the media are considered authentic.

The information provided by Aena SME, S.A. is general and involves no professional or legal advice.

Aena SME S.A. will carry out its best efforts to ensure that the Portal suffers no interruptions, but cannot guarantee the absence of technological failures, nor the permanent availability of the Portal and of the services it contains and, therefore, shall not hold itself liable for any damages that may be incurred due to lack of availability or failures in access caused by disconnection, breakdowns, overloads or network shutdowns for which Aena S.A. cannot be held responsible.

Aena SME S.A. does not guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements that may alter your IT system. Aena SME S.A. waives any responsibility for damages or loss of any kind due to viruses or harmful elements.

4. Service subscriptions

In general terms, access to the utilities in the website does not require prior subscription or user registration. Notwithstanding the above, access to some of the services that are provided through the website may require that a subscription form be filled out beforehand. For these purposes, the user guarantees the authenticity and veracity of all the information that is provided when filling out the subscription form/s. Users undertake and are responsible for maintaining all the information that is provided in such a way as to ensure that it reflects their true situation, at all times.

If, as a result of the registration, users are issued a password, they undertake to maintain the password secret and to use it and access such services with due diligence. Therefore, users are responsible for appropriately storing any identification details and/or passwords that are supplied to them by Aena SME S.A. and for keeping them confidential. Furthermore, they undertake not to allow third parties to use them, either temporarily or permanently, nor to allow other persons access to them. The user will be responsible for the unlawful use of the services by any non-authorised third party who uses a password for said purposes due to the non-diligent use or loss of the password by the user.

5. Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

© Aena SME, S.A., 2018.

Aena SME S.A. is the holder of the intellectual and industrial property rights of this website, as well as of its content.

The texts, designs, images, databases, logos, structure and other elements of this site are protected by intellectual property laws and international treaties. Any reproduction, transmission, adaptation, translation, modification, public communication, or any other use of the content, either whole or in part, of this website, carried out by any means or through any medium, electronic, mechanical or otherwise, is strictly prohibited, except with prior written authorisation from Aena SME S.A. Any infringement of these rights may lead to due legal proceedings.

6. Connections or hypertext links with the website

Users or owners of other websites who wish to create a hypertext link (hereinafter link) to the website should ensure and undertake to respect the rules set out by Aena SME S.A. regarding internet links.

  • The link may only be to the Main Page or Homepage of, unless express written authorisation is given by Aena SME S.A.
  • The link must be absolute and complete, that is, it must lead the user, with one click, to the URL address and must feature the whole of the screen of the Main Page of Under no circumstances, except with the express written authorisation of Aena SME S.A., should the website that embeds the link reproduce, in any way,, include it as a part of their website or within one of its "frames" or create a "browser" on any of the pages
  • Aena SME S.A. does not authorise the setting up of a link to from websites containing materials, information or contents that are unlawful, illegal, degrading, obscene or, in general, which contravene morality, public order or generally accepted social norms.
  • Aena SME S.A. recommends that websites interested in creating a link to use the Aena SME S.A. brand logo to illustrate the link.

In any case, the inclusion of connections or links to the website by other websites does not imply that Aena SME S.A. maintains any kind of relationship or association with the owner of the website in which the link, is established, or that Aena SME S.A. promotes, endorses, guarantees or recommends the contents of the aforementioned portals or websites.

For its part, the Aena SME S.A. website may contain links to other portals or websites not managed by Aena SME S.A. Aena SME S.A. accepts no responsibility for the information contained in these portals or websites that can be accessed through links or search bars on the web pages of Aena SME S.A. The presence of links on the web pages of Aena SME S.A. have a merely informative purpose.

7. Restrictions of access

Aena SME S.A. reserves the right, at any time and without prior warning, to discretionally deny access to this website or any part thereof for any user.

8. Applicable law and authorised jurisdiction

The use of elements from this site implies acceptance of the legal warnings expressed herein and, more particularly, any disputes related to this site will be governed exclusively by Spanish law, the Spanish Courts and Tribunals being the only applicable authorities.

9. Modification of these conditions and warnings

Aena SME S.A. reserves the right to modify the conditions and warnings applicable to this website.

10. Specific services

  1. Air traffic information

    The flight information contained in this website is the most up to date that is available. It is based on confirmed operational data and estimates provided to Aena SME S.A. by the airline companies.

    Aena SME S.A. makes every effort to ensure its reliability and that it is immediately updated. However, if you want more information about a specific flight, please contact the airline company.

    For information on the check-in times and the time you should arrive before the scheduled time of departure, we recommend that you contact the airline operating the flight.

    If you are a passenger or accompanying a passenger and look at the website before going to the airport, take into account that flight information is updated in real time and can change during your journey. Please contact the airline company to confirm these details.

    Bear in mind that all times are shown in local time.

    Aena SME, S.A. does not accept responsibility for any damages that may be incurred, either directly or indirectly, as a result of use of the air traffic information contained on this website.

  2. Contracting of Suppliers and Commercial Contracts

    Through its website, Aena SME S.A. provides the general public with information about any bidding currently under way and other contracting issues.

    All the facts, documents and details contained therein are exclusively for information purposes. Only texts published in the Official State Gazette, Official Journal of the European Communities and other media outlets shall be regarded as authentic.

    Aena SME S.A., shall not be held liable for any actions undertaken by individuals based on the information contained on this website.

  3. Aena employment

    On its website, Aena SME S.A. provides the possibility of being informed of and participating in employment announcements from Aena SME S.A., as well as information on the professional activities that are carried out in Aena SME S.A.