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The Ceuta heliport, opened in 2004, is the first in Spain built and managed by Aena for ensuring accessibility to the autonomous city by air and for providing a service that responds to the current air traffic demand. A quick connection to the Spanish mainland is vital to Ceuta's economic development.

The heliport is located at the port of Ceuta, between the west pier and the fishing port, in an area reclaimed from the sea to the north of the city. Its installations consist of a final approach and take-off (FATO) area, a platform for stationary helicopters, a single-story terminal building next to the technical block, two public car parks, a power plant, a building for the fire fighting and rescue service, a falconry building, and an ancillary building on the air side with warehouses and public toilets for staff, two hangars and radio navigation equipment.

Ceuta has regular flights to Malaga and Algeciras. The heliport also serves as a base for the air medical service of the Autonomous City of Ceuta and the air unit of the Civil Guard.

Opportunities for the airlines

Opportunities for the airlines

  • It is the first heliport in Spain built and managed by Aena to ensure the air connectivity of the autonomous city and guarantee the mobility of citizens, even when adverse sea conditions in the Strait of Gibraltar prevent ferries that link Ceuta with Algeciras from sailing.

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