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A Coruña Airport is situated in the province of A Coruña, in the municipality of Culleredo, approximately 8 kilometres from the capital's city centre.

In order to adapt A Coruña's Airport to future air traffic demands, significant actions are planned or already underway to provide infrastructures and facilities to improve the quality and safety of aircraft and passenger services.

Opportunities for the airlines

Opportunities for the airlines

  • Galicia is a region of strong economic development and important tourist attractions.
  • The metropolitan area of A Coruña has the highest population and GDP in Galicia. A Coruña is home to the headquarters of large companies such as Inditex, the leading textile company, Estrella Galicia and Gadisa.
  • The historic city of A Coruña is very attractive for tourists, with important cruise activity. Worth highlighting is the Tower of Hercules, a lighthouse dating from Roman times and declared a World Heritage Site.
  • Other must-sees in the city include: The medieval and baroque "Old City", with important churches and collegiate churches, the Royal Galician Academy, the house-museum of Emilia Pardo Bazán, the Archive of the Kingdom of Galicia, the town hall, the María Pita square, a heroine of A Coruña and the Plaza de Lugo, where you can find an incredible shopping area.
  • Other highlights include the 13 km long promenade, the longest in Europe and the Marina of A Coruña with its galleries that make it known as La Ciudad de Cristal (The City of Glass).
  • A Coruña is the province of Peninsular Spain that has the most kilometres of coastline where you can find wonderful places such as the route of the lighthouses in the Costa da Morte, the end of the Roman world (Fisterra), the highest cliffs of Continental Europe in Cariño and Cedeira, the great beaches of Ferrolterra and the seafood route of Ortigueira. In the area of influence of A Coruña Airport, you can find the attractive coast of Lugo, Lugo and its Roman wall and its thermal baths with great medicinal value.

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