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Logroño-Agoncillo Airport is located east of the capital of La Rioja, in the town of Agoncillo.

Opened in 2003, the airport has modern infrastructures and services that allow it to manage the air traffic demand within appropriate levels of safety and quality.

Opportunities for airlines

Opportunities for airlines

  • Logroño is a city with a rich history and long-standing traditions that date back to the Middle Ages. The Camino de Santiago has turned Logroño into one of the most important cities on the route, with an interesting collection of monuments that are closely linked to the traditional passage of pilgrims through the town.
  • In La Rioja, wine is a veritable culture and way of life. Visits to wineries, tastings, tours around wine bars and restaurants with pairings between wine and high-quality cuisine, wine museums and wine therapy treatments are just some of the experiences you can enjoy in this region.

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