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The organisational chart of human resources at Aena is based on the model of management by competences. This model considers both behavioural and technical competences in each of the occupations defined in the company.

Aena SME, S.A. is committed to equal treatment and opportunities for women and men, in accordance with both the provisions of Article 14 of the Spanish Constitution and the definition, content, values and criteria contained in Organic Law 3/2007, of 22 March, for Genuine Equality between Women and Men. This commitment is part of the current Aena Equality Plan, and is applicable to all areas of management within the company, including recruitment and promotion processes, in which the absence of any form of gender-based discrimination or bias is guaranteed. The aim is to ensure that those who participate in such processes are always treated with the utmost respect and dignity, guaranteeing equality of opportunity and treatment in terms of access to vacant positions throughout the whole of the recruitment process.

The occupations are the set of tasks and roles that every professional should carry out. The main occupations at Aena are summarised in the following list:

General and airport occupations

Airport occupations

Airport Maintenance Coordinator

Airport Maintenance Expert (Specialised)

Equipment and Lifesaving Coordinator: Chief of Staff

Equipment and Lifesaving Expert: Firefighter

Operations and Programming Coordinator

Operations and Programming Expert

H-24 Process Coordinator

H-24 Process Expert

Customer, User and Passenger Service Coordinator

Customer, User and Passenger Service Expert

Coordinator of Operations in the Area of Movement

General occupations

Commercial and Marketing Expert

Infrastructure and Airport Maintenance Engineering Expert

Airport Operations and Services Expert

Airport Operations, Services, Infrastructure and Maintenance Expert

Administrative Coordinator


Quality and Environmental Expert

Security Expert

Communications Expert

Economic-Administrative Expert

Occupational Medicine Expert: Doctor

Occupational Risk Prevention Expert

HT Expert

Occupational Medicine Expert: ATS

Information System Project Expert

Analyst (Specialised)

Computer Technician Coordinator

Computer Technician (Specialised)

HR, Financial and Commercial Expert

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