Procedure at the airport's interactive terminals

  1. If you are the owner, you must present the following to Firearms Control Unit (Intervención de Armas):

    • Passport.
    • The invoices and the DIVA form.
    • The goods for which you are requesting the VAT refund (stamping is not possible without the goods).
    • Boarding card or ticket.
  2. You must validate the DIVA tax free forms you were issued at the establishments at the interactive terminals in the check-in areas of the airport.

    How the airport's DIVA terminal works:

    • Select one of the ten languages shown on the first screen.
    • Use the optical reader under the screen to scan the barcode of the form you were issued at the establishment.
  3. If it is validated correctly, the following message will be shown on the screen (a physical document with the result of the validation is not issued):

    Your DIVA tax free form has been stamped. The VAT can be refunded. Contact the tax free operator or the place where you made your purchase.

    You may request the refund at a tax free operator (generally located in the boarding area after passing through security) or at the shop where you made your purchases.

    If there was an error in the validation process, you must show the documentation and goods to agents at the Civil Guard's Invoice Stamping Office (Oficina de Visado de Facturas) at the customs desk. The following message will be shown on the screen:

    Your DIVA tax free form cannot be validated. Please go to the customs desk.”