Circulation of goods and money upon entering or leaving Spain


You must declare at customs any money, negotiable instruments or securities worth more than €10,000 (or the equivalent value in a foreign currency) per person (you must complete a Statement of payment methods S-1 to be submitted to the customs service).


Read up on current regulations regarding the movement of goods and methods of payment in your country of destination.

€100,000 and above

Within national territory you should declare all payment operations of €100,000 or more or the equivalent value in foreign currency.

What is considered to be a method of payment?

  • National or foreign bank notes and coins.
  • Bank cheques made payable to the bearer in any currency.
  • Any other physical media, including electronic media, designed to be used as a method of payment to the bearer.

Personal goods

Personal goods will be considered to be occasional items that are for personal or family use by the travellers or that will be given as gifts and, due to their nature and quantity, cannot be used for personal business activity.

These goods do not take into consideration the value of any medication that the traveller may need for their personal use.

€430 exemption:

A limit of €430 is set for the total value of goods transported in personal baggage. For any values over this amount, passengers will no longer be exempt from paying import duties, VAT and special taxes.

€150 exemption:

This limit is reduced to €150 for children under 15 years old.