Checking in firearms

How should they be transported?

  • Firearms or regulated firearms whose acquisition, possession or use is authorised must be checked-in.
  • They must be unloaded and properly packaged to ensure safety during the journey.
  • Ammunition must be transported in a hard case that is separate from the firearm.


  • Complete form 790 and pay the fees. This can be done before going to the airport, at any bank.
  • If you are transporting a firearm that is not yours, you must show authorisation from the owner.

What procedures should I follow?

Departure airport

Civil Guard Firearms Control Unit (Intervención de Armas):
  1. If you are the owner, you must show the following to the Firearms Control Unit (Intervención de Armas):

    Spanish residency

    • National ID card (DNI) or passport
    • Firearms licence
    • Firearm owner’s guide
    • Flight ticket

    EU residency or in transit

    • European Firearms Pass (EFP), if travelling to countries that are EU members or that have signed agreements regarding the EFP (Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and the Principality of Liechtenstein).

    Foreigner from outside of the EU

    • Passport
    • Special permit granted on entering Spain
    • Flight ticket
  2. Completed form 790 (one per traveller).

    Download form 790 here.

  3. Payment of the corresponding fee at any bank in the airport.
  4. You will be issued with the firearms boarding authorisation (original and copy) and the receipt of payment of the fee.
  5. Your firearm and ammunition cases will be checked.
At the check-in desk
  1. You must show the authorisation that the Civil Guard Firearms Control Unit (Intervención de Armas) has issued to you in your name.
  2. You must hand over the firearm and ammunition for pre-sealing along with the baggage you are checking in.
  3. Payment of the corresponding fee at any bank in the airport.
  4. You must keep the original with you; the copy should be included in the luggage or case containing the firearm.

Arrival airport

If it is in an EU country:
  1. You must show your European Firearms Pass (EFP) at the border entry point.
  2. Your pass will be checked and stamped, if in order.
  3. You will be issued with an invitation to go hunting or take part in a sporting activity.
  4. You must collect your firearm from the airport’s Firearms and Explosives Control Unit (Intervención de Armas y Explosivos), where you will have to show the authorisation issued to you on departure.
If it is not in an EU country

Inquire at the country’s embassy or consulate in Spain about current local legislation on the possession, transportation and use of firearms.