Madrid Airport Services

These are the services you will find at Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport. Select a service type and choose a category for details and the terminals and locations where you will find them.

Medical services and defibrillators


Medical care

Services and equipment for responding to emergencies and first aid requirements.

Medical service

Telephone number: 917 466 112 (emergencies only)

Room for passengers in transit

Upon request, these rooms can be used by passengers that need an equipped place where they can wait for their next flight, provided that they are accompanied by medical personnel. One of the rooms is located in the T2 Airport Medical Service (SMA) area, P0; and the other in the T4 SMA, P0.

Use of this room should be requested by the airline, handling agent or insurance company, at least 24 hours before the passenger's arrival. However, the service will also be provided when requested with shorter notice, provided the room is not occupied. Passengers must always arrive and remain accompanied by medical personnel (doctor or nurse) and hold authorisation to fly from a doctor, in addition to INCAD or MEDIF.

A request for the room located in Terminal T2 is made by ringing 913 936 550, and for the room in Terminal T4, by ringing 917 466 234 and 917 466 235.

This service corresponds to the airport tax entitled "Use of Unspecified Rooms and Areas" of Aena’s official airport taxes.



Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport has 75 Cardiac Rescue Points that are intended to help users in the event of cardiac arrest. It is possible to check the locations of these defibrillators using the airport maps.