Málaga Airport Services

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Services for families

Services for babies and children's areas to make waiting times more enjoyable for families with children.

Nursing Room

Málaga-Costa del Sol Airport has a breastfeeding room that meets the needs of families with small babies. Measuring a total of 140 m2, you will find it airside between zones B and C.

Free to use and reserved exclusively for families with small babies and children, these facilities consist of four separate spaces (dining area, toilets, toddler area and breastfeeding room) that are accessed via a video intercom.

The dining area is equipped with tables, chairs, microwaves and a sink. There is also an area for breastfeeding, equipped with sofas, adjustable lighting and curtains for greater privacy.

The toilets include a nappy changing area, bathing board, paper towels and baby seats inside the toilet cubicles. The final space inside the family zone is a toddler area with toys and natural cork flooring.

Children's play areas