The proposal to extend Josep Tarradellas Barcelona Prat Airport to become a sustainable international hub is a long-term project that seeks to satisfy the deep-rooted desire for Catalonia to have long-haul connections with America, Asia and Africa. Aena's plan is based on a series of studies and analyses, which have been shared with the regional and local authorities since 2019 and which can now be freely consulted by the public on this website.

Once investment is approved in Aena’s five year investment plan, with the agreement of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agency and the Catalonia Government, the procedure will be opened to process the Airport Master Plan, which will be carried out with the authorities. The Catalonia Government, which is in charge of managing Natural Spaces, the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agency, the Ministry for Green Transition and the Demographic Challenge, and the European Commission will take part.