El Hierro Airport Services

Here you will find all the airport’s services




The check-in desks are on the ground floor, in Departures.

For the type of flights operating from this airport –inter-island flights– passengers need only arrive half an hour before their flight time, if they’re travelling with hand baggage only; passengers checking in baggage are advised to arrive an hour before.


Security checks

Passengers accessing boarding areas must pass through a metal-detector arch at a security checkpoint and any hand luggage and other objects they are carrying (coats, jackets, mobile phones, keys) must go through an X-ray scan.

Passengers will be asked for their boarding pass before they go through the security checkpoint.

To ensure items and small articles in particular pass through the scan, passengers must place them in the special trays put at their disposal.



After going through the security checkpoint, look for your boarding gate.

At the boarding gate, you must show the airline personnel documentation to prove your identity. Please ask your airline about valid documentation to present to their personnel.