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Zaragoza Airport is located south-west of the city, ten kilometres from the city centre. It is a joint civil-military aerodrome.

Its infrastructure was modernised for Expo 2008, the international exhibition held in Zaragoza Expo, with a new passenger terminal, the enlargement of the aircraft parking apron, and new exterior car parks and roads, and since then the airport has slowly continued to grow. It now has five freight terminals, with a sixth under construction and nearing completion. The apron was enlarged in 2020 and is now spacious enough for large aircraft such as the B747-800. The terminal building was also reorganised to improve the quality of service offered to passengers.

Thanks to its strategic location, Zaragoza Airport has become an infrastructure hub of international importance. An exponential increase in freight traffic has positioned it as the second airport in terms of cargo volume in the Aena network.

  • 627,837
  • passengers in 2022
  • 9,716
  • operations in 2023
  • 129,753
  • tonnes of cargo in 2023
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