What the service consists of

Aena airports offer an assistance service for people with reduced mobility to make your stay before and after flying easier.

Who the service is for

Passengers whose mobility is limited due to physical or mental disability (sensorial or mobility, permanent or temporary), old age, or any disability that requires special attention. Minors with reduced mobility must be accompanied as the service does not include care and custody.

How to book

You must request assistance at least 48 hours before the scheduled departure time to guarantee the quality of the service:

  • When you book or purchase the ticket through a travel agency or airline.*
  • Additionally, through our website, the official Aena app or by calling ( 34) 91 321 10 00 (exclusively valid for Aena network airports).

*Airlines can apply transport restrictions on your mobility equipment. If you travel with your own wheelchair/electric motorcycle, you should check with your airline.

At the airport

It is recommended that you arrive two and a half hours before your flight departs*. Report your arrival at your airline's check-in desk or at the reduced mobility assistance desk, or using the standing directory, where we will pick you up.

*You must arrive at the meeting point at least two hours before your flight departs. If your flight departs in the early hours of the morning, please consult the terminal’s opening times.

Information assistant

At the Aena departure airport

An assistant to people with reduced mobility will pick you up from the meeting point of your choice, helping you with your baggage.

They will accompany you to the check-in desk and help you with the necessary check-in procedures.

They will accompany you to the departure area and through any security checks.

They will help you to board the plane, leaving you in your seat.

At the Aena arrivals airport

An assistant to people with reduced mobility will meet you at your seat for debarkation and will help you with your hand luggage.

If you have checked in baggage, the assistant will take you to the baggage reclaim area and from there, will take you to the meeting point.

During transit or connecting flights

An assistant to people with reduced mobility will provide the necessary assistance to successfully carry out the transit or transfer, including boarding, debarkation, transfer through the terminal, etc.