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Murcia International Airport

The Region of Murcia International Airport boasts modern facilities that guarantee the operation of air traffic in conditions of optimum safety and provide its passengers and users with all the necessary services in an accessible and functional way.

Three double security filters lead to the boarding area where there are nine boarding gates (six for non-Schengen zone country flights and three for Schengen zone countries).

Also, the baggage reclaim hall has three conveyor belts and an additional one for special baggage. From here the general lobby of the arrivals hall is accessed, the building’s star feature.

  • 877,796
  • passengers in 2023
  • 6,700
  • operations in 2023


ACI Award

Best Airport in Europe with less than 2 million passengers in 2023.


Airport Carbon Accreditation Programme Certification (2021).

ACI Awards

Best Hygiene Measures 2021.

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