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Huesca-Pirineos Airport presentation

The Huesca-Pirineos airport is located 10.5 km south-east of the city of Huesca, between the towns of Alcala del Obispo and Monflorite. It is in a privileged location for communication with the Pyrenees of Aragon, an important stop for skiers, since it is the site of some of Spain's major resorts.

To equip it with modern facilities, capable of serving air traffic demand with appropriate levels of safety and quality, Aena is undertaking major infrastructure works, consisting primarily of the construction of a new Terminal Area and a new Airfield. Declared an airport of general interest and included in the Aena network in October 2000, the airport has been open for visual flight operations since December 2006. In May 2007, the instrumental procedures based on the new VOR/DME that was installed came into force.

There are two runways: the 30R-12L, where gliding takes place, and the main runway 30L-12R, where commercial activities takes place. The circuits for gliders are restricted to the north of the field and for motor aircraft to the south.

  • 276
  • passengers in 2023
  • 1,336
  • operations in 2023
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