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Introduction to Gran Canaria Airport

Gran Canaria Airport, located on the coast of the island from which it takes its name, is the gateway for the millions of tourists who visit the island every year.

The airport is located 25 kilometres from one of the main tourist centres of the Canary Islands in the southern area of Gran Canaria and at 18 kilometres from the island's capital and Las Palmas province:

Thanks to its ideal weather conditions, Gran Canaria Airport has excellent operating conditions and is open 24 hours a day every day of the year. This represents a guarantee for the airline companies, which can carry out their operations without the problems arising from adverse weather conditions.

  • 13,961,638
  • passengers in 2023
  • 129,552
  • flights in 2023
  • 17,117
  • tonnes of cargo in 2023
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