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Presentation of Algeciras Heliport

Algeciras heliport, the second of the Aena network, completes the aeronautic infrastructure map of Andalusia. Located in the Bay de Algeciras port, the objective of this heliport is to improve communications between mainland Spain and the Autonomous City of Ceuta.

Opened on 1 July 2010, the heliport is strategically important due to its unique geographical location (today the Bay of Algeciras is the multimodal logistics point with the most passenger and goods traffic between Europe and Africa) and its social and economic significance in the region of Campo de Gibraltar.

Therefore, the heliport is a factor in the modernisation and economic development of both cities, boosting tourism and making for closer business relations between Ceuta and Algeciras, and can be compared to the air shuttle between Madrid and Barcelona.

  • 41,308
  • passengers in 2023
  • 3,422
  • operations in 2023
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