Girona-Costa Brava airport occupies an important position both in the tourist sector and from a commercial or industrial perspective, as it is located close to the Costa Brava, the Pyrenees and the cities of Girona and Barcelona, which are 10 and 85 kilometres away respectively.

Due the low-cost airline operations, Girona-Costa Brava airport has enjoyed spectacular growth in recent years, with passenger levels exceeding in 2009 the five million mark. In 2020, it dealt with 172,213 passengers, 9,991 flight operations and 327 tonnes of cargo.

In order to cater for this volume of traffic with the greatest possible levels of quality and safety, since 2008 Aena has carried out a series of extensions and improvements in the terminal. These works include the enlargement of the check-in hall, the new public access to the boarding area, the relocation and widening of the passenger security filters, the start-up of the new boarding gates or the new equipment in the arrivals area.

Year Passengers Year Passengers
2010 4,863,954 2015 1,775,326
2011 3,007,977 2016 1,664,856
2012 2,844,571 2017 1,946,694
2013 2,736,867 2018 2,020,138
2014 2,160,745 2019 1,933,049
2015 1,775,326 2020 172,213