Since it began operating, Asturias airport has strived to respect the environment to a maximum as it is aware that it is in a region that takes good care of its exceptional landscape, as we can see from its slogan: "Asturias, natural paradise".

With this in mind, Asturias airport established an environmental policy based on an Environmental Management System that sets the targets and steps that must be followed. In 2002 it received the ISO 14.001 Environmental Management Certificate, awarded by AENOR, and which has been renewed in 2005 and 2008. This certification internationally recognises and validates the effort and actions carried out by Asturias Airport with regard to the environment.

Everyone who works in Asturias airport understands that the growth of airport facilities and air traffic are compatible with good environmental management. There have, therefore, been campaigns to raise awareness, both with Aena personnel and for employees from other airlines, concessionaires, contractors, etc. The future objective is to grow, but never losing sight of environmental impacts and quality. This will achieve that those who visit the airport value it as a good environmental manager which respects the environment and its surroundings, and always with strict compliance of current legislation.