Environmental Management

The Bilbao has implemented an Environmental Management System that identifies all aspects that have a significant impact on the environment.

Bilbao Airport, aware of the great importance given these days to environmental issues and realising the impact that aeronautical and airport activities have on its natural surroundings, has committed to trying to prevent damages and improving its relationship and respect for nature.

The staff at Bilbao Airport is deeply affected by the general deterioration of the natural environment. In fact, the airport is located in a region that has inherited a number of environmental problems, derived from other industries and other times in which environmental issues were not as valued within the country's economy and production network.

With this in mind, and aware of the fact that airport activity has an environmental impact that must be corrected, Bilbao Airport decided to implement an environmental management system that would allow it to identify, through a series of rigourous, well-documented criteria, those aspects that have or could have a significant impact in the environment, requiring an appropriate action.

In February 2004 the Asociación Española de Normalización y Certificación AENOR (Spanish Standards and Certification Authority) awarded the Environmental Management Certificate ISO 14001 to Bilbao airport.