Cultural tours

Vitoria airport has established a visit programme that seeks to promote the understanding of the airport; it is specially aimed at primary or secondary school, technical schools and universities, each visit being designed according to the needs of each group. The program offers all students the opportunity to experience, watch and discover the world of airports, air transport and aviation; this way, they can establish the relationship that exists between that industry and the social and economical development of our society.

The visits, which last two hours, and are for children over six and must be booked in advance. They take place from Monday to Friday in the mornings. We recommend the groups to be not bigger than 40 students.

The programme is as follows:

  • Short history of the airports of Vitoria (Lakua, Gral. Mola and Foronda).
  • Current airport (characteristics, technical features, dimensions, etc.).
  • What is an airport like? (visit to the terminal, fire fighting service and Meteo).
  • What is air traffic?
  • What is a plane like? (visit, if possible).
  • What is a commercial flight?
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