Valencia airport, located eight kilometres to the west of the capital, is currently an essential facility for the economic development of the area that it serves.

Most of the traffic handled by the airport is international, with Italy, France, the United Kingdom and Germany being the countries contributing the highest numbers of passengers.

Domestic traffic accounts for 30 percent of the total. Palma de Mallorca, Madrid and Ibiza are the three destinations with the highest numbers of passengers.

As well as commercial aviation, with several passenger and cargo airline operators, the airport also has a great deal of activity in general aviation, with the presence of private aviation companies, public bodies and other related companies with a wide range of diverse aerial business.

In 2016, the airport processed 5,798,853 passengers, 62,804 operations and 12,581 tonnes of cargo.

Year Passengers Year Passengers
2007 5,933,424 2012 4,752,020
2008 5,779,343 2013 4,618,072
2009 4,748,997 2014 4,597,095
2010 4,934,268 2015 5,055,127
2011 4,979,511 2016 5,798,853