Situated in the south of the island right in the heart of the tourism centre, South Tenerife airport was inaugurated by Queen Sofía on 6 November 1978.

In its first year, the airport exceeded one million passengers.

Tenerife Sur Airport is open 24 hours a day. It currently provides more than one hundred connections and more than 150 companies operate within its facilities.

Most of the traffic handled by the airport is international. The United Kingdom and Germany account for more than half of the overall traffic, the London/Gatwick, Manchester, East Midland and Birmingham airports contributing the highest numbers of passengers. Domestic traffic is concentrated around two destinations: Madrid and Barcelona.

In 2015, the airport handled 9,117,514 passengers, 58,462 flight operations and 2,844 tonnes of cargo.

Year Passengers Year Passengers
2006 8,845,668 2011 8,656,487
2007 8,639,341 2012 8,530,729
2008 8,251,989 2013 8,701,728
2009 7,108,055 2014 9,176,235
2010 7,358,986 2015 9,117,514