Seville Airport, situated ten kilometres northwest of the capital, embarked on its largest expansion in 1992. In preparation for the Universal Exhibition, the aircraft parking apron was extended and a new terminal was built, as well as a new access road from the National N-IV road and a new control tower to the south of the runway.

The design was based on Seville's cultural roots, using three traditional components: the mosque, the palace and the orange trees. Visitors to the airport are greeted by an orange grove before entering an area coloured blue by glass roofing tiles and crowned with a series of arches supported by vaults.

In 2017, a total of 5,108,807 passengers passed through the airport, which carried out 48,660 flight operations and dealt with 10,709 tonnes of cargo.

Year Passengers Year Passengers
2008 4,392,148 2013 3,687,714
2009 4,051,392 2014 3,885,434
2010 4,224,718 2015 4,308,845
2011 4,959,359 2016 4,625,314
2012 4,292,020 2017 5,108,807