Photo gallery of Soria

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Soria is rich in art and home to outstanding natural areas. Hidden in the heart of Castile, it spans across the east and west banks of the river Duero, keeping watch to the north over the Celtiberian's sacred mountain: el Moncayo, one of the Iberian peninsula's highest peaks.

  • Soria. Palace of the Counts of Gómara
  • San Saturio hermitage
  • Palace of the Counts of Gómara. Door
  • Plaza Mayor square in Soria
  • Calle Collado and Calle Rosel
  • Santo Domingo Church. Façade
  • Santo Domingo Church, in Soria. Exterior archivolts
  • Santo Domingo Church, in Soria. Nave and high altar
  • San Juan de Rabanera Church
  • San Pedro Co-Cathedral. Door
  • San Pedro Co-Cathedral. Nave and high altar
  • Cloister in the San Francisco Co-Cathedral
  • Santa Clara Convent
  • Nuestra Señora la Mayor Church. Nave and high altar
  • Nuestra Señora del Mirón hermitage
  • Gerardo Diego statue
  • The river Duero passing through Soria
  • Antigua Audiencia palace
  • Old Palace of los Ríos y Salced
  • San Juan de Duero Monastery. Cloisters
  • San Juan de Duero Monastery. Church
  • Leonor's grave in the El Espino cemetery
  • Numantine Museum
  • El Burgo de Osma
  • El Burgo de Osma Cathedral
  • El Burgo de Osma. Cathedral tower
  • El Burgo de Osma Cathedral. San Pedro de Osma's tomb
  • El Burgo de Osma. San Miguel door and walls
  • El Burgo de Osma. San Agustin hospital and the Plaza Mayor square
  • El Burgo de Osma. Santa Catalina University. Patio