Sabadell Airport is an aerodrome that handles General Aviation traffic and flights under visual flight rules (VFR). Seventy per cent of the airport's activity is dedicated to the classes run by the four aeroplane and helicopter pilot schools. The remaining thirty per cent is divided between publicity flights, photography and air taxis, private flights and government flights.

In addition to the schools for airline pilots, there are two schools that provide cabin crew qualifications for flight attendants.

In the year 2015, Sabadell aerodrome registered 29,975 aircraft operations.

Year Operations Year Operations
2006 48,695 2011 33,395
2007 61,195 2012 29,046
2008 49,642 2013 27,737
2009 43,934 2014 27,069
2010 38,877 2015 29,975