Public transport

Shared taxi
Shared taxi

Paseo Sarasate-Airport

Public transport service to and from Paseo de Sarasate to Pamplona Airport based on shared taxis with a fixed schedule and booking required

Please call in advance to make a booking: at least 3 hours and 10 minutes beforehand for journeys to the airport; and at least 30 and 10 minutes beforehand for journeys to the city.

Stops at the airport
Telephone number
  • Reservations Phone Number: 948 23 23 00 / 948 35 13 35

€0.70 per person/journey (children under 5 travel free and must be accompanied by an adult).

Opening hours

Departures from the airport every day of the week from 10 am to 12 pm, every hour.

Taxis heading to the airport leave from 1 Paseo de Sarasate every day of the week at 5.30 am and then from 7.30 am to 9.30 pm, every hour, stopping at the airport only (taxi rank).

For more information, please see the website or call the information telephone number of the company operating the service.


From the airport to Pamplona, taxis stop at 61 Avenida de Zaragoza (between Calle Río Cidacos and Calle Río Urederra), 1 Avenida de Zaragoza (next to Plaza Príncipe de Viana) and 1 Paseo de Sarasate (taxi rank).

They make no additional stops on the way to the airport.