Pamplona Airport is six kilometres from the city of Pamplona.

The air traffic here is mostly domestic and particularly regular, with little seasonal variation, which means that it its figures remain constant throughout the entire season.

Aena is investing heavily in the modernisation and transformation of the airport to satisfy future air transport demands with safety and quality. In November 2010 a new Terminal of 12,400 square metres was opened, with the adaptation of access roads and development of the area this requires.

In 2019, the airport registered a total of 243,498 passengers, 6,136 aircraft movements and 22.2 tonnes of cargo.

Year Passengers Year Passengers
2010 291,553 2015 148,561
2011 238,511 2016 153,469
2012 190,329 2017 165,608
2013 159,090 2018 205,505
2014 138,312 2019 243,498