General car park H

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The H general car park in the Palma de Mallorca airport is located a 10-minute walk away from the terminal building. Located in the industrial development area

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Useful information

GPS co-ordinates

  • Latitude: 39º32' 37.62" N
  • Longitude: 2º43' 34.45" E

General car park H

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  • First minute: 0.463803.
  • Minute 2 to minute 30: 0,017272 per minute.
  • From minute 31: €0,032157 per minute.
  • Maximum per day up to 4 days: €16.50/day.
  • Maximum per day from day 5 to day 8: €11.50/day.
  • Maximum per day from day 9: €10.50/day.



  • 54.