Melilla Airport is situated three kilometres southwest of the autonomous city, which, due to its privileged location, is the gateway to Africa, the continent that is the current focus of all the attention of the business and tourist sectors. Its air, sea and land connections make it the potential operations base for people searching for the commercial advantages of the African market without leaving the EU, and for tourists heading for Morocco who want to stay overnight in a European city.

In 2019 the airport handled 434,656 passengers, 9,768 flight operations and 134.5 tonnes of cargo traffic.

Year Passengers Year Passengers
2010 292,608 2015 317,806
2011 286,701 2016 330,116
2012 315,850 2017 324,366
2013 289,551 2018 348,123
2014 319,529 2019 434,656