Photo gallery of Melilla

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A connection between two continents and melting pot of four cultures. Melilla combines African aromas with Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Hindu flavours. And, in the background, over 900 undulating and geometric Modernist and Art Deco buildings that make this city one of the greatest icons of that time.

  • Melilla. Panoramic view
  • Exterior arch of the Conventico Caves
  • Night-time view of Melilla
  • Panoramic view of Melilla
  • V Centenario Building
  • Rooftops of Melilla
  • Calle Ejército Español, with the Sagrado Corazón de Jesús Church in the background
  • First fortified enclosure
  • Frente del Socorro
  • Frente de Trápana
  • Baluarte de la Concepción
  • Plaza de Armas square
  • Torreón de las Cinco Palabras
  • Batería Real
  • Santiago Chapel
  • Hospital del Rey. Centro de Arte Moderno y Archivo de Melilla
  • Inmaculada Concepción Church
  • Santiago Gate
  • Santiago Moat
  • Santiago Moat
  • La Ciudadela. Frente de la Marina
  • Puerta de la Marina
  • Wall of San Juan and Torreón Florentina
  • Plaza de la Maestranza square and Plaza de Estopiñán square in the background
  • Plaza de la Maestranza square and Peñuelas Museum
  • Plaza Estopiñán square
  • Casa del Gobernador
  • Calle de San Miguel
  • Torreón de Bonete and lighthouse, home of the Fundación Melilla Ciudad Monumental