Lost and found

Offices for claiming or recovering belongings left behind in the airport.

Lost and found
Lost property

If you've lost any personal objects on board an aircraft, you should get in contact with the airline.

Instructions to recover your lost objects at the airport:

  1. Describe: your belongings, date, flight number, contact information, etc. Fill in the following form and send via email to objetosperdidosagp@aena.es. Be as precise as possible. The information provided must be detailed enough to unequivocally identify your object.
  2. Confirmation: if your objects are found, we will get in touch with you and provide a registration number.
  3. Make an appointment: request an appointment at least 72 hours in advance by emailing objetosperdidosagp@aena.es
  4. Pick-up: the owner must provide proof of identity (national ID card or passport) and a written authorisation if the person who is picking up the object is not the owner.

The lost property service is free of charge and therefore items cannot be shipped. If you cannot come to the airport, we recommend that you contact a courier service that could deliver your object to you.

The lost property office is located in the T3 departures area, behind check-in desks 363-385.

  • Opening hours: 24 hours