Malaga-Costa del Sol airport is located 8 km from the city centre with excellent connections to whole of the Costa del Sol. It is one of the oldest Spanish airports as well as being one of the original locations of the first airline founded in Spain in 1919.

Most of the traffic handled by the airport is from the European Union. The United Kingdom is the destination with the highest volume of passengers, with London Gatwick heading the table, followed by Manchester. These British airports are followed by other European destinations: Dublín, Brussels, Amsterdam / Schiphol and Copenhagen.

Malaga-Costa del Sol airport also has scheduled flights to the rest of Spain, most significantly to Barcelona, Madrid-Barajas and Palma de Mallorca.

In 2020, it handled 5,161,636 passengers, 59,668 flight operations and 912 tonnes of cargo.­

Year Passengers Year Passengers
2011 12,823,117 2016 16,673,151
2012 12,581,944 2017 18,626,581
2013 12,925,186 2018 19,021,779
2014 13,748,976 2019 19,856,299
2015 14,404,206 2020 5,161,636