Express car park

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The express car park at the Malaga airport has the fastest, most direct access to the airport’s terminal. It includes all the necessary conveniences and security, located closest to the departures areas.

Road access

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Useful information

GPS co-ordinates

  • Latitude: 36° 40' 38.3142''
  • Longitude: 4° 29' 20.0206''

Express car park

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  • Parking for less than 15 minutes*: free
  • First minute: €1.9125.
  • Minute 2 to 30: €0.050591 per minute.
  • From minute 31: €0.099766 per minute.
  • Maximum per day €58.

*Once 15 minutes have elapsed, you must pay the full time from when you parked according to the current rate.



  • 300.