Located 8 kilometres outside Santa Cruz de la Palma, it is a modern airport fully equipped to contribute to the economic growth and development of tourism in the region it serves.

Traffic is above all domestic, centring around the airports of Tenerife Norte, Gran Canaria and Madrid-Barajas. Regarding international traffic, its origins and destinations are mainly Germany, United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

At La Palma airport, important developments has been made to the infraestructure - a new terminal building, a control tower and an extended apron - in order to adapt the aiport's capacity to air traffic demands.

In 2020, the airport had 721,337 passengers in the 13,696 operations handled. Cargo traffic totalled 279 tonnes.

Year Passengers year Passengers
2011 1,067.,431 2016 1,116,146
2012 965,779 2017 1,302,485
2013 809,521 2018 1,420,277
2014 862,836 2019 1,483,778
2015 971,676 2020 721,337