Huelva photo gallery

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A cradle of Tartessian civilisation and a main player in the discovery of the Americas, Huelva is a province blessed by its climate and natural resources, with truly spectacular areas such as Doñana, La Sierra de Aracena, Picos de Aroche and the mining area in Ríotinto. And not to mention its famous pata negra ham!

  • Huelva. View from the Odiel marshes
  • Río Tinto company wharf
  • Huelva. La Merced Cathedral. Façade
  • La Cinta Sanctuary
  • La Cinta Sanctuary. Altarpiece
  • San Pedro Church
  • Reina Victoria neighbourhood
  • Río Tinto company wharf
  • Monumento a la Fe Descubridora
  • Dolmen of Zalamea
  • Dolmens in El Pozuelo
  • Dolmens in El Pozuelo
  • Cromlech of Rosal de la Frontera
  • Archaeological site of La Zarcita
  • Archaeological site of Tejada la Vieja
  • Ruins of the Roman city of Turobriga, in Aroche
  • Ayamonte
  • Ayamonte. El Salvador Church
  • Ayamonte
  • Guadiana International Bridge in Ayamonte
  • Isla Cristina. El Cantil Lighthouse
  • Isla Cristina Bridge
  • Aracena
  • Almonte. Parish church
  • Hermitage of El Rocío
  • Cartaya
  • Fog
  • Niebla. Puerta del Buey and wall
  • Niebla. Santa María de la Granada Church. Patio
  • Paterna del Campo