Located six kilometres from the city, Cordoba airport is currently used by agricultural treatment companies, for organ transfers to and from the Reina Sofia hospital transplant centre, military flights, passenger charter flights, aerial photographs, pilot courses, parachuting schools and other aerial activities.

The passenger terminal is situated on the ground floor of the main building and comprises departures and arrivals halls, cafeterias, services and offices. Cordoba airport traffic is primarily general aviation flights, with a marked peak season during the summer months.

In 2020, the airport handled 7,882 passengers, while aircraft operations totalled 8,307.

Year Passengers Year Passengers
2011 8,442 2016 7,636
2012 9,844 2017 8,064
2013 6,956 2018 8,254
2014 6,598 2019 10,700
2015 7,357 2020 7,882