The Ceuta heliport, opened in 2004, is the first in Spain built and managed by Aena for ensuring accessibility to the autonomous city by air and for providing a service that responds to the current air traffic demand. A quick connection to the Spanish mainland is vital to Ceuta's economic development.

The heliport is located at the port of Ceuta, between the west pier and the fishing port, in an area reclaimed from the sea to the north of the city. Its facilities include a helicopter apron, a two-storey terminal, a power plant and a building for the rescue and fire fighting service.

Ceuta operates regular flights to Málaga, Algeciras and Melilla. The heliport also serves as a base for the air medical service of the Autonomous City of Ceuta.

In 2020, the heliport handled 41,217 passengers and 4,876 operations.

Year Passengers Year Passengers
2011 46,754 2016 1,640
2012 18,296 2017 17,821
2013 5,683 2018 52,180
2014 4,323 2019 71,654
2015 1,096 2020 41,217