Energy saving and efficiency

Further information

From the perspective of energy efficiency and saving, Barcelona-El Prat airport has incorporated improvement measures and mechanisms, which include the following:

  • Lighting: Movement detectors for lighting in passageways in both T2 and T1 Automatic lighting adjustment system in T1 (DALI system). This system memorises scenarios of lighting levels and, based on these, it adjusts the lighting automatically. It also takes into account the data provided by a heliometer installed on the roof of the terminal, which measures the light intensity.
  • Air-conditioning: Air-conditioning that prioritises use of exterior air (Free Cooling) when the external conditions are favourable, thus reducing electrical energy consumption by reducing the time the air-conditioning is in operation.
  • Thermal solar energy collection: Installation of one of the largest thermal solar energy collector arrays in Europe, for the production of domestic hot water. A total of 696, 2.2m2/unit collectors, with a total collection surface area of 1,535 m2, enables the production of 70% of the total domestic hot water. The use of all the domestic hot water produced by the thermal solar collector array can prevent the emission of 352 Tonne/year of CO2, responsible for greenhouse gases.