Ourense photo gallery

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Ourense is landlocked, yet it is the land of water: countless outdoor thermal springs amidst lush nature and surrounded by Visigoth churches, Romanesque monasteries like Santa María la Real de Oseira, historic cities like Ribadavia and the impressive canyons of the Miño and Sil rivers.

  • Ourense. Panoramic view
  • Cathedral. Paradise Portico
  • Ourense
  • Ourense Cathedral
  • Cathedral dome
  • Cathedral. Eastern door
  • Cathedral. Northern door
  • Cathedral. Paradise Portico
  • Paradise Portico of the cathedral. Northernmost column
  • Paradise Portico of the cathedral. Columns
  • Paradise Portico of the cathedral. Apostles
  • Paradise Portico of the cathedral. Mullion with the figure of Santiago Apostle
  • Cathedral. Nave and high altar
  • Cathedral. Vault of the dome
  • Cathedral. High altarpiece
  • Cathedral museum
  • Santa Eufemia Church
  • Santa María Madre Church
  • Cloister of the Convent of San Francisco
  • Old town streets
  • Ourense's historic quarter
  • Plaza do Ferro
  • Plaza Mayor in Ourense
  • Roman bridge
  • El Milenio Bridge
  • Dolmen in As Maus de Salas
  • Casola do Foxo dolmen
  • Castro de San Cibrao de Las archeological site, known as "A Cidade"
  • Castro de Santomé archaeological site
  • Castromao