A Coruña photo gallery

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A Coruña

A Coruña is a city to enjoy: beaches right in the city centre, museums such as the Domus-Casa del Hombre, excellent seafood and the Torre de Hércules, the Roman lighthouse located at the edge of Europe. And in its immediate surroundings, the planet's most untamed coast, exuberantly green hills, and Santiago de Compostela.

  • A Coruña. Panoramic view
  • Storm in Punta Herminia
  • Tower of Hercules
  • La Caracola sculpture with the Tower of Hercules in the background
  • Menhires by Manuel Paz, in the sculpture park
  • Compass rose
  • Plaza de María Pita y Ayuntamiento square
  • Colonnades of Plaza de María Pita square
  • Avenida de la Marina
  • Avenida de la Marina. Colonnades
  • Casa Rey and Avenida de la Marina
  • Avenida de la Marina. Colonnades
  • Promenade with its characteristic red lampposts
  • Waterfront
  • El Obelisco
  • A Coruña. San Amaro Cemetery
  • Santiago Church
  • San Jorge Church
  • Las Capuchinas Convent
  • Santa María del Campo Collegiate Church
  • Santa María del Campo Collegiate Church. Nave and high altar
  • Santa Bárbara Convent
  • Casa Cornide
  • Casa Molina
  • Casas de los Cisnes and Arambillet
  • Detail of the Casa de los Cisnes
  • Kiosco Alfonso
  • Garden of San Carlos, with the tomb of General Sir John Moore
  • Gardens of Méndez Núñez
  • Santa Margarita Park