Travelling from the United Kingdom to Spain

If you are going to travel to Spain from the United Kingdom, you need to know:


  • All passengers on flights from the United Kingdom must take their passport.
  • Passengers from EU countries and the United Kingdom may make use of the ABCs (automatic control systems).
  • It will be compulsory for British passengers, like those travelling from other non-EU countries, to have their passport stamped and answer a series of security questions asked by National Police officers.

Travelling with minors

  • Travel by or with children is subject to specific restrictions.
  • Border police, both inside and outside the European Union, have a specific mandate to pay special attention to minors.
  • Consult the requirements for minors who are travelling alone or travelling accompanied.


  • Pets must pass through an airport authorised by the Ministry of Agriculture for the entry of animals from a third country and they will be subject to the same requirements applied to animals from third countries.
  • Their valid microchip , rabies vaccination and health certificate will be requested. Pets from Northern Ireland are not subject to these requirements.
  • At unauthorised airports, only guide dogs for the visually impaired may enter, provided that the Ministry of Agriculture has granted authorisation to their owners. To request this authorisation, owners must use the following email:
  • Customs may detect nonconformities. Should this occur, the options are:

    • Return the animal, which means returning it to its country of origin on the earliest available flight. If it cannot travel with its owner, this option must be accepted by the airline.
    • Quarantine the animal, if the previous option is not possible. Quarantine will last for 14 days and will take place at an authorised centre that has an agreement in place. After this period the animal can return to its usual residence and must undergo home isolation.
  • For further information, consult the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food website.


  • Baggage must be subjected to customs inspections upon arrival.
  • In the European Union there are restrictions on plant-based products and products of animal origin in order to prevent the entry of pathogens and diseases.
  • It is prohibited to bring plant-based products from third countries into the European Union without phytosanitary certification (seeds, plants, fruit, vegetables, flowers, etc.).
  • Bringing products of animal origin (meat, milk, fish and derivatives, etc.) into the European Union is prohibited. Meat, milk and derivative products from the United Kingdom are prohibited under all circumstances.
  • There are some exceptions to products of animal origin that can exclusively be brought into the EU for private human consumption. Check the website of the Tax Agency to see a full list of these types of products and the restrictions on each.

VAT refund

  • A Value Added Tax (VAT) refund can be requested for goods purchased during a stay in Spain (mainland and Balearic Islands).
  • Check the conditions in the VAT refund section.