Parking FAQs

Is it necessary to book in advance?

  • We inform you that to access the car park it is not necessary to book in advance. You may access the car park normally and carry out the payment of your stay when you exit.
  • However, if you book in advance, you can enjoy direct discounts for your stay.

What are the advantages of belonging to the Aena Customer Club in our car parks?

  • 10% discount on all advance bookings.
  • For stays without a booking:
    1. You will get a discount if you scan your boarding card at our ATMs or on the App
    2. First class car park (next to the terminal) at the same price as the General Car Park
    3. Discounts on the General and First Class Car Parks (max. 1 day free per stay)
  • Mobile payment and payment by registration (no need to go to the ATM to leave the car park)

How can I make a booking?

  • Using the Aena App (in the “Book your Car Park” section)
  • Via the website
  • By calling telephone number: ( 34) 91 321 10 00

Bookings must be made at least 3 hours before entrance.

How can I change (change dates or change vehicle) or cancel a booking?

The booking can be changed or cancelled using the following means:

  • Using the Aena App, in the “Book your Car Park> Do you already have a booking? Manage”.
  • Via the website, clicking on “manage bookings” and using your e-mail and booking localizer.
  • You can also do so by calling the Aena Telephone Support Centre: telephone number ( 34) 91 321 10 00.

When I book, do I have a reserved space?

  • When you book in advance you are not given a specific space. You can park in any of the free spaces in the car park selected in your booking.

How do I access the car park with a booking?

When you access the car park with an advance booking, you should check that the ticket dispensed at the entrance barrier shows the localizer for your booking:

  • If the localizer has been printed, you can continue on your way and pay for your stay on returning at the automatic cash machines or using the Aena App.
  • If the localizer has not been printed, you should go to the manual cash desk on your return.

We would like to remind you that if you have the Payment by Registration service activated, the system will not issue a ticket and will allow you to access the car park automatically.

Can I pay by mobile phone and not go to the cash desk?

  • You can pay for your parking using the Aena App, and therefore not have to go to the cash desk before leaving, but only if you are a member of the Aena Customer Club.
  • Payment is made using the “Car park booking and payment” section on the Aena App.

Can I ask for an invoice?

  • You can get the relevant invoice for your completed bookings on the bookings website ( , in the “Manage Bookings” section

Does my vehicle have any kind of insurance during the stay?

  • The car park has a General Civil Liability Policy with an insurance company that covers civil liability for damages, theft or destruction of motor vehicles (including fixed fittings and replacement parts) that are in our care during their stay.
  • Our policy excludes objects or goods left inside the vehicles, manufacturer’s defects, defective repairs or hidden damage that cannot be seen due to a lack of care in vehicle maintenance. Only repairs to damage actually caused to the vehicle entrusted to us at the time it is returned will be considered.
  • It is recommended that claims for damages be made at the car park itself, prior to leaving the car park.