All the services available in the airport

Arrivals area


Passport Control

When you disembark from the plane, please follow the signs to Passport Control (if necessary) and to the baggage reclaim hall and Customs.

After disembarking, if your flight originated in a non-Schengen area country, you will have to through Passport Control.


Baggage reclaim

After leaving the plane, please follow the signs to the baggage reclaim hall assigned to your flight. Once you are in the appropriate hall, if you checked in luggage at the airport you left from, look at the screens to see which baggage reclaim carousel has been assigned to your flight.

For lost or damaged luggage, please go to your airline or handling agent's desk.



The airport Customs services is located in the baggage reclaim hall.

If arriving from a country outside the European Union, you must decide whether you are carrying goods which need to be declared, and go through airport Customs. Some examples of goods that must be declared are: food, high-value electronics, cash over €10,000, etc. If in doubt, the best option is to ask at Customs.