Steps to follow

Flying is possible

48 hours after birth

Short-haul flights

7 days after birth

Long-haul flights

21 days after birth


Inform the airline in advance if you are going to need a seat for your baby.

Babies have the right to hand luggage, which means you can carry a bag for them.

Liquid products for babies are governed by the regulations on liquids in hand luggage.

Documentation you are going to need

Domestic flights

  • They can travel if they are with their parents.
  • The airline may ask for your family record book.

Flights to Schengen countries

  • National ID card (DNI).
  • Valid passport.
Listado de países Schengen

International flights (non-Schengen)

  • Valid passport.
  • Visa (if the country requires it).



  • If you are travelling with your baby, you can use the security checkpoints for families.
  • Breast-feeding lounges with modern, comfortable facilities are at your disposal to change nappies, heat food, put the baby down for a nap or simply let the baby play.