Minors who are travelling alone

If the minor is travelling within Spain

They must carry express authorisation (not subject to an official format) from their parents, the absent parent, or the person legally exercising parental authority.

However, the internal regulations of some airlines may also stipulate that it is necessary to show the family record book. We recommend that you contact your airline to confirm the documentation that you may need.

If the minor is travelling abroad on their own, with a parent or with a third party

If the minor is travelling abroad on their own, with a parent or with a third party,

Once the permit form has been completed and printed, both parents or guardians must report to a Civil Guard post with their national ID card (DNI) or passport and the documentation proving their parental authority over the child (national ID card (DNI), family record book, etc.).
This authorisation is valid for 30 days.

Documentation you are going to need

Spanish nationality

  • National ID card (DNI) on domestic and Schengen Area flights.
  • Passport for international flights and non-Schengen Area flights.
  • Visa, if required by the country of destination.

Foreign nationality

  • Individual passport.
  • Document justifying their legal residence in the country where they live.
  • Authorisation signed by the child’s parents, if travelling with third parties, or by one of the parents, if travelling with the other.



  • Ask your airline whether it offers an assistance service for children between 5 and 12 years old who are travelling alone (provided that the child’s parents or guardians sign a Waiver of Liability and ensure that an adult will be waiting for the child in the destination airport).
  • Ask your airline whether it offers lounges for unaccompanied children.