Guided Tours

Logroño-Agoncillo Airport organises guided tours round its facilities to familiarise La Rioja students with the world of aviation and air transport

These visits are designed to give children an understanding of some of the processes that take place in an airport: the route travelled by suitcases until they reach the aircraft, the route travelled by passengers and why there are security checkpoints, what aircraft need in order to land and take off, or the people that work at airports. Personnel such as the Civil Guard, Aena fire-fighters and the animal control service play a high-profile role during the visit.

To arrange a visit, schools in La Rioja should send a fax to the airport (941 277 410) stating the number of students, their age (must be above 3rd year Primary), the number of accompanying people, the date and time they would like to visit the airport and a contact telephone number. With these details and subject to airport staff availability, the visit will either be authorised for the date requested or an alternative date will be agreed.